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Dentist, Postural Dental Founder, Presenter Founder

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Dr. Alice Lam , DDS., is a highly skilled and broadly respected dentist with nearly 25 years of. dental experience and a focus on whole-health dental care in West Houston. Specializing in craniofacial pain, her practice offers a total-body approach to restoring balance and alleviating pain. Alice's high-level vision and unique ability to connect industry leaders & multidiscipline innovators with each other, has provided the perfect super-team in order to address dental care by incorporating an interdisciplinary team of experts. In addition to running her practice, Dr. Lam is a energetic educator and serves in leadership roles on several dental boards, while actively contributing to community service efforts. Her big heart and abundant mindset drives  the development and  growth of leaders in multidisciplinary patient healthcare.



Neuro-Optometrist, Postural Vision Founder, Presenter

Dr. Heidi Wise, O.D., is an innovative  and inquisitive optometrist with 23 years of experience specializing in visual function and neurology as it relates to everyday life. She is a leader in the development  and evolution of Integrative Postural Therapy®—an approach that uses visual and dental cues to correct bodily imbalances caused by various factors like injuries or chronic conditions. This therapeutic approach retrains the brain to create healthier movement patterns which can dramatically influence daily function, chronic pain, systemic biomechanical asymmetry, sports performance, occupational function, and beyond.  Dr Wise is a respected instructor & presenter. She is widely known for her grounded insightful approach to care based on facts  offering an entirely new perspective to physical functional medicine.



Physical Therapist, Consultant,

Presenter, Founder

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James Anderson, MPT, PRC, is a founding partner and lead performance consultant at Applied Integration Consulting (AIC), specializing in Respiration, Neurology, and Biomechanics. With over 25 years of clinical experience, he has collaborated with industry-leading professionals in various fields and served as a performance and biomechanical consultant for numerous professional and collegiate athletic organizations both in the U.S. and internationally. As an international presenter, James is best known for his passion for sharing foundational knowledge, and industry-leading developments in the science of asymmetry drive many to his workshops. But we think it's his dynamic teaching style that helps others to truly retain the information.  His ability to create clarity around challenging material and provide strong connections resulting in clinical application is unsurpassed.



Physical Therapist, Consultant,

Presenter, Founder

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Mike Cantrell, MPT, PRC, is a lead performance consultant and founding partner at Applied Integration Consulting, with over 24 years of experience in treating patients and athletes globally. Specializing in neuro-respiratory dynamics, Mike focuses on chronic pain relief and sports performance enhancement, and has tirelessly developed programs that integrate respiratory function with dental management for  spinal and rib cage health. Mike is an energetic, highly sought-fter presenter and his unique ability to break complex concepts down into into simple golden nuggets of knowledge has created a strong legacy of future leaders and industry specialists that  are proud to call him "Mentor."

Applied Integration Academy (AIA) is an innovative educational entity focusing on interdisciplinary healthcare and dentistry. With leading experts such as Dr. Alice Lam, James Anderson, Mike Cantrell, and Dr. Heidi Wise contributing more than 100 years of combined clinical experience, the academy offers unique insights into human asymmetry and various aspects of health. This group of professionals, each bringing their specialized knowledge and experience to the table, has made AIA a standout institution in exploring the interconnectedness between dental practice, body posture, optometry practice and overall well-being.
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