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Elevate your understanding of body patterns, physical movement and asymmetry through an innovative interdisciplinary approach.



The body below the head and neck is the nexus between the functionality of the cranium and the ground.


The performance and vibrance of the core body chambers in the chest, abdomen and pelvis determine the health of multiple body systems, beyond the obvious musculoskeletal system.


The body’s chamber function is tied closely to the functionality of the ground at the foot and ankle and the functionality of the head and neck at the teeth. 

Bodies demonstrate different patterns of rotation in both directions across all of these chambers.

Understanding these rotational patterns and how they affect the needed compression in each chamber on one side of the body vs. the other side is vitally important.

This information can greatly affect diagnosis and allow the proper treatment with both simple and challenging cases. 


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AIA understands the body’s natural inherent anatomical and neurological asymmetries, but we know very few challenging patient cases are true to their inherent design, creating a myriad of body patterns and presentations.

At AIA, we explore the full spectrum of patterns and presentations that exist, because a narrow approach may miss the key to wellness for someone you love.


Exploring the many possibilities beyond the common compensatory pattern insures a succinct and successful interdisciplinary treatment plan.

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