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Explore the interconnectedness between vision, bite and airway resulting in transformative health and wellness.


AIA Vision is the arm of our Physical Functional Medicine model connecting the worlds of vision, body posture and dentistry to improve movement and reduce pain.


Rooted in neurology, this science explores how visual perception changes the entire body, by altering body movement and body positioning.

AIA Vision has pioneered a systematic approach for the optometrist, dentist, and body movement specialist, working together in the same room, to properly direct the body.

AIA Vision uses sensory awareness, eye muscle movement, and optical lenses to favorably alter the brain’s processing of how the eyes see and sense the space around you.


Visual perception is altered to allow the patient greater ease in appropriately moving their center of mass from one hemisphere to the other


so efficient and appropriate patterns of gait, breathing, and autonomic nervous system function can occur.


Some recipients have marveled that their body’s response to their glasses seems magical.


Others, emerging from lifelong struggle and frustration, say they finally feel like they have been evaluated and treated in a truly holistic way.  

The AIA Vision model ensures that examination and adjustment of oral, foot and visual orthotics are well synchronized to produce a successful interdisciplinary outcome. 

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