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Learn a revolutionary full-body approach to orofacial pain and airway treatment


The focus of AIA Dental is to provide the clinical foundation for successful partnering between body-minded dentists and dental-minded body movement specialists.


This partnership ensures that dentistry can support the needs of the body and the body can support the needs of the head and neck, including dental function and dental outcomes.

The proprioceptive power of teeth, TMD and airway problems can be linked to the restricted body patterns outlined by AIA Body.

The dental world is just beginning to learn that cranial bones actually move, and these resultant cranial strain patterns can be taught and understood.

Recognizing cranial strain patterns and knowing what to look for with the interdisciplinary team are key to developing successful dental and body interventional strategies.

Expanding a dentist’s understanding of the cranium has value because they are a key provider of care for the head and neck, whether they have been brave enough to venture outside the mouth or not.


Integrated dentists can learn how cranial patterns develop from body patterns, impact all parts of the body and can be treated successfully by pairing with proper treatment of the body. 


This full-body perspective on craniofacial, temporomandibular and occlusal problems helps link occlusal grounding performance of the bite to grounding performance of the body.

The AIA Dental arm of our Physical Functional Medicine model helps dentists see the powerful difference between airway and airflow, and links dental patients to their tongue, their body and even their feet, in a unique and profound way. 

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