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Story in the Logo





The three seamless arrows along the oscillating curve connect the powerful concepts of
Application, Integration and Academics. 

The first arrow curves downward to depict our ongoing commitment to dive into the details of finding better clinical application solutions.  The arrow is green, symbolizing creation and newness.  Creation of new ideas, new providers and new relationships.  Also new energy, growth and innovative ideas that include as many outside perspectives as possible.

The second arrow builds an arching bridge of integration between different disciplines, body systems and body regions.  It also bridges application solutions to the academics of teaching these solutions.  This arrow is aqua, symbolizing the flow of beautiful water that brings life, renewal, and healing to the integrative process.

The third arrow swoops up and away to depict an outreach mentoring model that has its roots in travel and values hands-on clinical learning.  This arrow is navy, representing legacy and the creation of a world-wide community of innovative leaders.  Leaders who inspire the next generation of providers to become fearless multidisciplinary learners and collaborators.

The dynamic flow of ideas between the three arrows depicts AIA's commitment to relationships, outreach mentorship, multidisciplinary integration and ultimately simplifying complex things.  These bywords weave together the successful Application Integration and Academics of the Applied Integration Academy.

How We Connected

The inception of the Applied Integration Academy (AIA) was sparked by a momentous meeting of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals at a holistic healthcare conference. Recognizing that each of their specialties—ranging from dentistry and biomechanics to optometry—offered only a piece of the puzzle in holistic patient care, they were inspired to collaborate. Through this partnership, AIA was founded as a platform to offer an integrated approach to health and wellness that recognizes the human body as a complex, interconnected system. This framework unites diverse areas of expertise to provide comprehensive, effective, and personalized healthcare solutions.




AIA was founded with a transformative vision: to bring a multi-disciplinary approach into mainstream healthcare. We saw a gap in the way healthcare practices operated in silos and sought to build a model that sees the human body as an interconnected system, rather than isolated parts.

Broadeningour Impact


Since our inception, AIA has been aware that education without application is worthless.  To that end we have built a system of education that is linked to application outreach.  Our courses and seminars have found professionals in multiple cities and countries, reflecting a growing interest in our application-based integrative approach.

Looking  Ahead


Our journey is just beginning. As we continue to evolve, we are focused on conducting more research, offering new courses, and collaborating with additional healthcare sectors. Our goal is to make integrated Physical Functional Medicine the norm, rather than the exception, and to continue offering treatments that improve the quality of life for all patients.

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