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  • If spending time away from your family and business at a distant learning center is not a possibility for your education and mentorship, then this fellowship may be what you’re looking for.

  • If your journey has already involved traveling out to get better and you’re ready to have advanced mentorship brought directly to you, including working with your own patients in your own setting, then this fellowship may be what you’re looking for.

  • If guaranteed integration with dentistry, vision and podiatry is a priority for you, then this fellowship may be what you’re looking for.

Masters Fellowship Program
Masters Fellowship Program
Multiple Dates
Jan 13, 2024, 10:00 AM EST – Mar 02, 2024, 2:00 PM EST
Via Zoom

Mike Cantrell and James Anderson are pleased to announce the next flight of their AIA Masters Fellowship beginning January 13, 2024.  $4,500 brings you and your team six different 4-hour livestream training sessions on specialty topics designed to take what you know about applying the science of asymmetry and interdisciplinary integration to the next level.  Sessions will be recorded and both Mike and James will be available for mentorship in between sessions.


Lecture 1     JANUARY 13, 2024              RESPIRATORY NEURODONTICS  Mike Cantrell & James Anderson

Lecture 2     JANUARY 20, 2024            UNFORESEEN PATTERN VARIATIONS  James Anderson & Mike Cantrell

Lecture 3     FEBRUARY 3, 2024            TREATMENT APPLICATIONS  Mike Cantrell & James Anderson


Lecture 4   FEBRUARY 10, 2024       POSTURAL DENTISTRY  Alice Lam DDS w/Mike Cantrell & James Anderson

Lecture 5     FEBRUARY 17, 2024          POSTURAL VISION  Heidi Wise OD w/Mike Cantrell & James Anderson

Lecture 6     MARCH 2, 2024                  REFINING TREATMENT APPLICATIONS  James Anderson & Mike Cantrell


This application-based training series is built around online collaboration, but face-to-face learning opportunities can easily be added to the program.  There is no need to spend unnecessary time away from home to advance your learning!  Get involved in this virtual mentorship program so you can stay at work!  Keep your revenue streaming!  And then, if your situation allows, involve us in your complex patient presentations by bringing Mike and James, Postural Dentistry and Postural Vision directly to your doorstep!


Your face-to-face collaborative learning with AIA may include you coming to any one of our selected interdisciplinary sites for one-on-one dental and/or vision learning.  Experience prearranged Interdisciplinary Dental Encounters (IDE) with Dr. Elizabeth Caughey, DDS, or Dr. Alice Lam, DDS as well as prearranged Interdisciplinary Vision Encounters (IVE) with Dr. Heidi Wise, OD.


Your skills will be enhanced, as you learn delivery, and the logic behind the delivery, of advanced integration concepts.


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