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At the invitation of Dr. Alice Lam in 2018, Mike Cantrell and James Anderson began boarding a plane to Houston, Texas every other week to start a Physical Functional Medicine revolution. Add in regular Houston visits by Dr. Heidi Wise, and the AIA Team was in place.

The combined experience of these 4 seasoned professionals came together beautifully to create a new type of learning and a new type of collaboration. 

A curious dental provider brought in experienced professionals to her clinic on a regular basis to fine-tune her learning, master clinical application and develop interdisciplinary team integration.

  1. We Come to You Mentorship–bring in one of our AIA Fellows for on-site mentorship, team education, staff mentorship and to help train new interdisciplinary partners in your area in the art of interdisciplinary application.  

  2. We Come to You Education–take advantage of online multidisciplinary coursework designed to build the knowledge and application skills of your team in a structured way around the demands of your clinic and schedule. 

  3. You Come to Us Mentorship–for collaborative treatments on your most complex clientele and participate in on-site mentorship as you work to establish AIA roots. Use the experience to build your own interdisciplinary team in your community. 

  4. You Come to Us Education–come to an in-person hands-on course taught by AIA Faculty in a variety of locations across the country. Collaborate with and learn the finest in interdisciplinary care.

Copy of Optometrist, MFT, Dentist, PT's and patients from Sweden, Australia and

The overarching vision of AIA mentoring is to establish credentialed interdisciplinary teams around the world, who learn and grow together as they serve their local patients.


As these interdisciplinary teams are established, AIA mentoring will sharpen the tip of the proverbial sword with our user-friendly resources, versatile AIA Mentoring program and in-person and on-line collaborative learning. 


We can’t wait to collaborate with your team at the contemporary zenith of the Physical Functional Medicine paradigm.

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