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Craig Stasio


Craig Stasio maintains a full time private practice in Zeeland, Michigan. He graduated from Grand Valley State University - School of Health Professions with a Masters degree in Physical Therapy in 2004.  Captivated by the study of patterned human asymmetry over the first 10 years of clinical practice, Craig continued his commitment to lifelong learning and professional development by completing post-graduate certifications in Postural Restoration® in 2019 as well the distinguished recognition as a Fellow of the Applied Integration Academy™ in 2022. Craig has served as the primary physical therapist for the Grand Valley State University Athletic Department for from 2014-2018 and as Affiliated Clinical Education Faculty from 2008 - 2022.  Craig has lectured on muscle balance, posture, interdisciplinary integration, Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, cranial strain, and ground reaction force influences on posture and propulsion since 2008. Craig serves as the Director of Faculty Development for the Applied Integration Academy™ with the goal of enhancing the interdisciplinary relationships between dentists, movement specialists, optometrists, and orthopedists to aid the patient/client in restoring optimal health and physical wellness. 

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