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Tom Tardif


Dr. Tom is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, master postural and movement specialist, nutritionist, Sleep consultant, and strength & conditioning specialist. He has been working with patients and athletes of all ages and levels as well as collaborating with other healthcare professionals to provide an interdisciplinary approach for over 10 years. During that time, he has been able to foster relationships with the AIA® team as a student as well as a colleague.


Dr. Tom was fortunate to have had the founders of AIA® Mike Cantrell and James Anderson as instructors for a significant portion of his coursework and as mentors to further his knowledge and understanding of the complexity of the human body through the concepts taught through AIA®.

Dr. Tom is recognized as an AIA® Fellow, faculty member, and the Director of Mentorship to help foster relationships and assist providers who have taken AIA® coursework to adopt and apply a thorough interdisciplinary approach to optimize the health and wellbeing of their patients and athletes.


Dr. Tom is based out of Alexandria, MN where he operates his own practice serving the local community and those willing to travel. He offers comprehensive solutions including AIA® concepts, dental and vision integration, sleep and nutrition coaching, and sports performance to improve patient health and unleash athletic potential.  He also uses this platform to do community based presentations to help educate people how the body works so they can be empowered to help heal themselves by maximizing functional movement and rest through respiration and neurology.


Dr. Tom is also the owner of Wildfire Sauna; a wellness based company that rents a mobile sauna and cold tubs for private use as well as community and charity events in the Alexandria Area. The mission is to get the community engaged in doing hard, uncomfortable things intentionally to boost the resilience of the body and mind.


When Dr. Tom is not in the clinic, he is spending time with his wife, son, and daughter while trying to do as much outside as possible, especially on the lake!


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