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James Guzman

PT, DPT, MS, PRC, AIA Fellow

Dr. James R. Guzman maintains a part-time private physical therapy practice in Pearland, Texas.  He is also a consultant in dental postural therapy, where if offers expertise in airway management, TMD, and oral appliances with respect to postural imbalances.  He graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch with a doctorate in physical therapy.  His master’s degree was earned in human performance from the University of Houston.  James completed a 4-year dental integration fellowship with Dr. Alice Lam, DDS and Applied Integration Academy™  in Houston, TX.   He also completed a 4-month clinical internship at Houston Methodist Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.

James has been an active clinician for over 20 years while working with neurologic, geriatric, orthopedic, and sports medicine populations.  He also has advanced clinical training and expertise in asymmetrical movement assessment, as afforded by the Postural Restoration Institute®, allowing him proficiency with helping patients with complex presentations.

His academic background includes teaching for the University of Houston as an adjunct professor, while offering advanced concepts in sports medicine and applied kinesiology. Additionally, James has provided continuing education course work to physical and occupational therapists in clinical settings including Texas Orthopedic Hospital, Bayshore Medical Center, and University of Texas Medical Branch.  As a faculty member of AIA™, he strives to be at the forefront with dental, craniofacial, and body asymmetrical patterns through rigorous clinical application and mentorship.

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