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Story in the Logo

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The three seamless arrows along the oscillating curve connect the powerful concepts of Application, Integration and Academics


The first arrow curves downward to depict our ongoing commitment to dive into the details of finding better clinical Application solutions. 


The second arrow builds an arching bridge of Integration between different disciplines, body systems and body regions. It also bridges Application solutions to the Academics of teaching these solutions. 


The third arrow swoops up and away to depict an outreach teaching model that has its roots in travel and values hands-on clinical learning.


The dynamic flow between the three arrows depicts AIA’s commitment to relationships, mentorship, interdisciplinary integration and simplifying complex things. These bywords weave together the successful Application, Integration and Academics of the Applied Integration Academy.

The AIA experience is the seamless union of Interdisciplinary continuing education with the common goal of unraveling the complexities of human movement science.

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