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Megan Bollinger


Megan Bollinger is a movement specialist with over two decades of extensive experience. Based in the central West coast of Florida, Megan adeptly serves a diverse spectrum of patients across various environments. She passionately collaborates with professionals in dentistry, optometry, and other disciplines dedicated to continual learning and superior patient care focused on holistic wellness.

Megan is one of 300 therapists worldwide that has earned a certification from the Postural Restoration Institute,(PRI) where she honed her skills and became a biomechanics expert specializing in using multiple systems/whole body approach for evaluation and treatment of movement disorders. She also acquired an advanced certification in Pilates from the Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado, and has blended the two exceptional programs to enhance her evaluation and treatment skill set.  


Most recently, she has completed a fellowship with the Applied Integration Academy, which goes beyond the training of PRI with expanded views of human asymmetry on postural and movement pattern variations and strong collaboration with dentists and optometrists who are likewise committed to high level of interdisciplinary learning and treatment. Megan’s integration of all these skills and knowledge make her a highly sought after clinician in the field of Restorative Movement.

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